Go Carbon Neutral

Go Carbon Neutral provides the ultimate solution to climate change - carbon neutrality, where the CO2 emissions are equal to the emissions removed. Their flagship project, The Carbon Neutrality Challenge, is a mechanism for people who want to become Carbon Neutral, in a fun and easy way.

With Go Carbon Neutral you can:

  • Calculate how much CO2 is generated
  • Estimate the number of trees needed for balance
  • Plant the required trees
  • Reverse the climate change issue
  • Keep a check on all your future CO2 emissions


Chopdog is a mortgage marketplace that better aligns the mortgage goals of the homeowner with the right lender. It provides a network of highly experienced and highly qualified home loan experts to guide customers on their way to getting the best mortgage.

Why Chopdog?

  • Developed after detailed research
  • Counters the problem of shopping for a mortgage
  • Customers can achieve their own set goals
  • Puts the consumers first
  • Simplifies the process of finding the right lender

Tutorial Ltd

Lingo Bus is an online Chinese learning platform that focuses on children’s education ages 5 through 12. It teaches live classes over the internet around the world to children learning Chinese, wherever and whenever it is convenient for the child and their family. With Tutorial Ltd you get access to:

  • A proper, approved curriculum framework
  • Trustworthy Mandarin Chinese teachers
  • A strong team of well-qualified experts
  • A fun and engaging learning environment
  • Lessons with cultural awareness as the main focus

CAMTest Qbank

CAMTest Qbank is specifically designed to help Caribbean medical students ace their exams. The platform takes away the hassle out of researching questions and learning content from the student. It provides students with questions, answers, and explanations that they can use whenever they want to.

The features of the app include:

  • Hundreds of Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Hundreds of Extended Matching Questions
  • A broad range of subspecialties
  • Options of playing and pausing the content
  • Maintaining an excellent standard of products

Simplifying Your Processes with
Our Efficient Web Application Development!

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Our technology stack includes:

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Sarah Lee

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John H Warton
New York

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Ronal Yeland