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Develop a web presence with CMS development that is flexible, responsive, and engaging. The websites created are user-friendly and have an unparalleled user experience.

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Requirements Gathering

At Wolfiz it all starts with a clear vision and a powerful idea. In this phase our team dedicates its energies to communicating with the customer for mutual brainstorming on the best possible strategy development, the purpose for the Cms and the project goals.

Proposal & Budget

With a solid strategy and a practical vision, the next step involves creating the foundation for bringing ideas to life. In this phase our team maps out the available resources and budget, conducts a thorough SWOT analysis and proposes the creative direction to the client.


Businesses on the Web have design to rely on to make a statement. With our unparalleled designs and top notch creativity, our designing phase creates a CMS that's not only user friendly but also aesthetically and functionally awe-inspiring.


A good website needs content that reflects what the website is all about; from representing the business to the products they deal with. Our team ensures that the content for your website is top-notch, reflective of your business ethos and true to YOU!


The part where visions turn into reality, our development phase is all about constructing a CMS that is a product of our collective imaginations. By taking into account all your needs, your vision and our expertise we develop a high model capable of standing out on the Web.


The world of tech is as dynamic as can be. With changes every second of every day a website needs to pack a punch. In this phase our team adds the functionalities and features of your dreams to your website; a testament of our groundbreaking engineering.


At wolfiz we don't believe in doing half the work. In this step we prep your website to perfection from multiple different quality assurance checks to functionality testing; we help create a website that is truly a class apart in functionality and design.


Before launching the website we make our websites go through an elaborate pre launch phase where we test the boundaries of what the website can do in terms of interface, functionality and design, minimizing inefficiencies to the fullest.


Bringing the well planned journey of design and engineering to fruition, in this phase we have a powerful launch of your website with complete functionality, providing clients with total control and resources for the website as well.

Post Launch

The journey with our clients doesn't end with the launch. In the post launch phase we go the extra mile and ensure smooth functioning and zero problems. As your partners in success, we remain with you at every step, even after you have independent control.

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