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Huawei App competition

The Werewolves Escape –
A Puzzle For The Adventurous


Wolfiz developed the Mobile Application “Limit” to submit in the Huawei Apps Up competition 2020. Wolfiz was deeply concerned with the rising number of deaths due to road accidents. Therefore, we created an application that would contribute to society by making the drive to any destination safe and smooth. Limit attempts to eradicate the risk factors during driving by limiting your mobile usage and also your speed to get you safely to your loved ones.

The judges recognized the Social Impact and innovation of Limit and the application bagged multiple awards in the category of Best Social Impact App and Best HMS Core Innovation Award. The App got its ideal form thanks to our determined team and our winning mentality of achieving the Impossible.

Flutter Puzzle Hackathon 2021

Contest to Build Classic
Sliding Puzzles, with Flutter!

Werewolves Escape

The announcement of the Flutter Puzzle Hackathon intrigued the innovative minds of Wolfiz to come up with an exciting, fun and challenging Puzzle game. The Puzzle Game with one challenging level got an upbeat theme of werewolves and forests, and we produced “The Werewolves Escape”. The creative theme, attractive graphics, animation, and mind-twisting puzzle helped Wolfiz win the Best Creative Game Category award.

The journey to develop The Werewolves Escape was full of fun and helped our team to bond together. The multiplatform compatibility of the game shows the exceptional skill of our developer’s team, while the eye-catching graphics made the game rank as the most creative project.

Huawei Apps Up Competition 2022

Global App Innovation &
Development Competition

Lingo Board

As the internet and the resulting connectivity become mainstream, communication transcends borders and redefines what it means to talk to people. Yet all the connectivity comes with a significant hurdle; the language barrier. With Lingoboard, you don’t have to worry about that barrier anymore.

The Huawei Judges got impressed by the ultra-smart design and creativity of Lingoboard. Our App bagged the Best HMS Core Innovation Award in Huawei Apps UP 2022. It puts the entire world at your fingertips with easy and fast translations. Just add to your keyboard and transform the way you communicate.


Small acts can transform the world when multiplied by millions of people. That’s why we’ve developed Messiah, an app for a better cause. It is more like a search place to post and discover the deserving people in your locality.

This app enables you to reach and verify a person and donate to them as you want. No charitable organizations or fundraising NGOs are involved; pure community serving together. This platform enables the privileged to find & help the deprived to create a good balance in society. The primary purpose is to indicate anyone deserving in your surroundings that helps Messiah win Best HMS Innovation Award.

Green It

Green IT was designed with one purpose; to do its part in building a better tomorrow. Our app allows you to track your carbon footprint in the most effective way possible and helps you to reduce it by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle such as planting trees, cycling & walking, conserving energy at home, and recycling products.

We all understand that emission is a necessary evil. Instead of making unrealistic claims about zero-emission, we help you grow in your life; the right way. And that’s the point that becomes the reason for Green IT recognition and award-winning in multiple categories; Best Social Impact App and Best App in all scenarios.


Themetic is an app developed with the purpose to bring life to your wallpapers. With a vast database, you can select your favorite video, adjust it according to the screen with multiple tools and add it to your screen in no time. Also, check out thousands of high-resolution wallpapers curated by hand.

The primary function of the app is to convert a video that inspires you from your gallery into a format that makes it the ideal live wallpaper. With high-quality conversion, you set videos to wallpaper in no time. Themetic won the Best HMS Core Innovation Award in Huawei Apps UP 2022.

The Companion

Thousands of people are struggling with speech impairment due to critical medical conditions. In this situation, they often try to communicate their needs and concerns to get help by mouthing words and gestures.

We understand how frustrating it is when they struggle to communicate their needs verbally. To help them in distress, we’ve developed Companion, the first-in-kind app to easily overcome communication difficulties in the hospital or the recovery process at home. Judges recognized our efforts and awarded us in multiple categories; Best Social Impact App and Best App in all scenarios.


BizEng is an app to help you Speak English fluently and confidently both in personal & professional life. You can learn and improve your conversation skills by practicing your English speaking using our interactive conversation practice app. It contains a collection of practice lessons with more than 250 conversations and 1000’s of dialogues. This app is also handy for daily conversations with online speakers in standard British and American English. Moreover, you can chat with a bot too. It also has a built-in spell-check tool that corrects your spelling and grammar while typing. BizEng won Student Innovation Award in Huawei Apps Up 2022.


Foodicious is an app that strives to reduce food waste by suggesting culturally diverse recipes based on what you already have in your pantry and fridge. It is basically a Zero Waste Recipe Generator for everyone.

Users can choose and add ingredients that they already have in the pantry, fridge, and freezer; then, our app works its magic by finding recipes that match the ingredients. You can also track the expiry of foods and check their nutritional value, benefits, calories, and fat count. The Foodicious app also has an integrated shopping list to manage groceries effortlessly. The unique idea makes its way to winning Best App.

Huawei App Competitions

Survival Quest

The Survival Quest is a classic slide puzzle game. It has a compelling storyline, 3 different themes (Space, Ocean, and Forest), with impressive animations. But that’s not all there is to it. Despite its simple gameplay and exciting story, it is highly challenging and requires more of your brainpower than you might think. Playing games is a fantastic way to relieve yourself from your hectic schedule. They not only entertain us but also make us mentally strong.

It enhances problem-solving ability and productivity, improves memory, decreases stress level, and boosts self-esteem. Due to its unique idea, our app bagged the best game award in Huawei Apps Up 2022.

“By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.”

― Eliezer Yudkowsky

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