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Our Awards

Flutter Hackathon

The Werewolves Escape – A Puzzle For The Adventurous

The announcement of the Flutter Puzzle Hackathon intrigued the innovative minds of Wolfiz to come up with an exciting, fun and challenging Puzzle game. The Puzzle Game with one challenging level got an upbeat theme of werewolves and forests, and we produced “The Werewolves Escape”. The creative theme, attractive graphics, animation, and mind-twisting puzzle helped Wolfiz win the Best Creative Game Category award.
The journey to develop The Werewolves Escape was full of fun and helped our team to bond together. The multiplatform compatibility of the game shows the exceptional skill of our developer’s team, while the eye-catching graphics made the game rank as the most creative project.

Our Awards

Huawei App Competitions

Limit – There is more to Life than Daring

Wolfiz developed the Mobile Application “Limit” to submit in the Huawei Apps Up competition 2020. Wolfiz was deeply concerned with the rising number of deaths due to road accidents. Therefore, we created an application that would contribute to society by making the drive to any destination safe and smooth. Limit attempts to eradicate the risk factors during driving by limiting your mobile usage and also your speed to get you safely to your loved ones.
The judges recognized the Social Impact and innovation of Limit and the application bagged multiple awards in the category of Best Social Impact App and Best HMS Core Innovation Award. The App got its ideal form thanks to our determined team and our winning mentality of achieving the Impossible.

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Together, we move towards success and accomplish remarkable triumphs because challenges and difficulties make us stronger.